Psychotherapy Reimagined

CNI provides analytic and psychedelic-assisted approaches for transformative mental health care.

We are a New York-based private medical practice and a non profit research center offering innovative clinical care with a special focus and expertise in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies.

The center provides a variety of treatment modalities for the relief of mental, social and spiritual suffering through the address and healing of trauma and the associated negative patterns that impede a free and full engagement with life.

CNI’s non profit’s mission is to incubate, innovate and disseminate methodologies that accelerate and optimize conditions for whole health when amplified by psychedelic medicine. We convene leaders in the psychotherapy, consciousness and mind/body space to collectively test our hypothesis and share our findings with the quickly developing psychedelic space. Our aim is to build optimal clinical architecture to support healing and growth. We are a fiscally sponsored program of SEE (Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs —


Private Practice

Attn Dr G Vaid
80 University Place, Ste 4D
New York, NY 10003
646 361 4221

Non Profit Information & Donations

Attn Monica Winsor
80 University Place 4D
NY NY 10003
917 699 6216